Coping when your Child has a Food Intolerance

food intolerance

If you have a child with a food allergy, it can be very difficult. You have to be ultra careful about the food that you give your child, and have to be constantly vigilant.

Not doing so, can result in a life threatening reaction. Fortunately, most of the people you and your family come into contact will realise the seriousness of the situation. Generally, people are supportive and sympathetic. They accept that real danger exists and show at least some level of understanding when a parent tells them about their child’s allergy.

When it comes to food intolerances people are less understanding. They do not see it as a particularly serious issue because it is rarely a life threatening condition like a full-blown food allergy is.

However, at Pea Pie Baby having brought up a child with food intolerances we do understand and have put together this simple post to help you to cope if your child is suffering from food sensitivity. This is a basic list of things that you can do to get a diagnosis, along with the steps you need to take to protect your child’s health.

Getting an accurate diagnosis

food intolerance

If you think that your child is intolerant of a food, remove it from their diet and consult a doctor. Follow the doctor’s advice about double-checking your suspicions. There is no point in denying your child a whole food group without knowing for sure that they are intolerant of that food. You need to establish whether they are genuinely sensitive to that food with the help of a medical profession.

Bear in mind that sometimes a child who is dangerously allergic to a food may only have a mild reaction the very first time they eat it. The next time they eat it their adverse reaction can be a lot strong and can prove fatal, so if your child reacts badly to a food always, always take notice and get the reason behind their reaction checked out by a doctor.

Educate yourself

Once you know which foods your child is sensitive to you need to remove them from their diet. This sounds easy, but it can get complicated if your child is sensitive to ingredients like wheat because that ingredient is in so many other foods. Just have a look at this list of hidden wheat in foods to get a feel for just how complicated things can get.

Try not to be overwhelmed by the list. In reality, you soon remember the list and get used to shopping to avoid the foods that contain that ingredient.
The first time you go around the supermarket it will take you a while to find products that are free of the ingredient your child is sensitive to. But, next time you go shopping it will be much easier because you will have already found many of the basics once. This means that you will only need to check the ingredient list of any extras that you buy.

Explain the issue to others

After a few weeks, restricting your child’s diet at home is not a big issue. However, it can get challenging once your child goes to school or visits friends and families. The only way you can keep your child away from the foods that they should not eat is to tell the school, the party host or family what your child cannot eat. As they get older take the time to educate your child about the foods that they need to avoid.

Caravanning When You Have a Baby or Toddler


If you have babies or toddlers, caravan holidays are perfect. Being able to stick to your own routine, plenty of fresh air and the security of the site all make for a relaxing break.

Caravanning gives you a great mix of flexibility, freedom and home comforts. You can stick to your own routine and eat the things that you usually eat. They are also one of the most cost effective holidays available.

The car journey

Travelling to the site need not be a hassle if you choose a site close to your home. One that is less than an hour away is perfect.


If you go to a static caravan, you can even take the train or coach. That way you will not have the hassle or stress of towing.

Additional equipment you need to take

If you have a baby do not forget to take a collapsible travel or inflatable cot with you. Before buying a travel cot check the space available in the caravan and buy accordingly. Bear in mind that the cot must be placed away from drafts and with enough space for you to be able to easily lift the baby in and out.

travel cot

Small sleeping bags are fine for toddlers, but try to use the bedding they are used to for safety and to help them to get a good night’s sleep. Most caravans do not have restraining bars on beds, so bear this in mind.

Taking a playpen is a good idea they can be very useful. Usually there is not enough space inside the caravan to put it up, but you can use it in the awning or outside.

Children like to have a few of their favourite toys with them, so pack those that they like the best. Crucially do not forget their teddy bear or comforter.

Plan ahead

Research the area you are going to be staying in, so you can find parks play barns and child friendly attractions easily when you get there. Especially plan for rainy days children cannot be cooped up in the caravan all day and if it rains you need options.

For peace of mind make a note of local hospitals or GP surgeries, so if your child is ill you can get help quickly. It is wise to take enough food for your toddler or baby for at least 2 days to give you time to find the local shops that stock the brands they like.

Remember the basics

When you have a new baby, things get frenetic. It is easy for other important things to be missed. Here are a few things you need to think about.

Make sure your caravan is safe

If you are going on a caravan holiday for the first time or have not taken your caravan out for a while, it is important to have it checked over. You need to make sure that your caravan is road ready and has the proper insurance.

caravansGet your car serviced

You will be relying on your car to get you to the site. It is a good idea to get your car serviced. That way you know you can rely on it.

It is wise to check things like breakdown and travel insurance that way if something goes wrong you know you are covered. If you breakdown you will be able to get back home or taken to your campsite. Should one of you fall ill you know you can get the right medical help and be taken back home by a medical professional should that be necessary.

Keeping Children Occupied in the Car

keeping children occupied in the car

If you have ever been on a long car journey with young children, you will know how hard it is to keep them occupied and happy. With slightly older children, it is a little easier. They tend to keep themselves entertained.

Take advantage of tech for long journeys

Most children enjoy playing electronic games. Letting children play with high tech toys all the time is not necessarily a good idea.

However, doing so during an occasional car journey does not do any harm and it can help your children to look forward to travel. That makes the whole journey a lot easier because they want to actually get in the car and stay there for several hours.

Keeping very young children occupied in a car

If you have younger children, keeping them occupied in the car is a bit more difficult. Once a child can talk, you can sing songs, play iSpy and other simple guessing games, but when they are younger, you need something else.

Fortunately, there are a few great toys available, which are specifically designed to keep very young children happy in the car.


GALT sell a great one called the Drivetime Monkey. It is so good that it won the Mother and Baby Silver Award for a travel toy priced under £20. The toy designed to be attached to the handle of a rearward facing car seat. As the name indicates, the toy is a soft velour monkey. Built into the stomach of the monkey is a mirror, a teether, rattle rings and a range of noise elements.

It is engaging enough to keep a small child or baby occupied and happy for quite a while, and although it is noisy, it is not so loud that it will drive you and the other occupants of the car nuts.

Avoid toys your child can drop

Other tactile toys are a good idea, but you have to bear in mind that babies tend to drop them. If there is another adult in the car, apart from the driver, that is not a problem because they can easily pick it up. However, if that is not the case giving children toys that can be dropped in a car will only create problems. Unfortunately, many accidents occur when parents try to pick up toys their toddlers have dropped and drive with one hand.

Books and other activities

A long car journey is the ideal opportunity to encourage your children to read instead of playing electronic games. Most children will read the latest bestselling children’s book or will be willing to read the book they need to read for school whilst in the car.


Some children enjoy playing travel games with their siblings. There are magnetic travel games available. They are not expensive and can be stored in the car.
DVDs and video games always work
By far the best way to keep the kids happy in the car is to buy an in car screen. That way they can watch their favourite DVDs and play video games.

Learning through Toys


Children love to play, so educational toys are the perfect way to help your children to learn. Your kids will have fun and learn what they need to know at the same time.

Types of educational toys

All toys are in some way educational. Even dolls and teddy bears have some educational value. Children use them to play make believe, which helps them to explore their world and learn about it. However, their value as an educational aid is quite limited, but children should still have these types of toys as well as toys that are specifically designed for learning.

science toys

Kits that teach children new skills and impart knowledge

Toys that teach are not limited to just science kits. Although these are great fun, learning about crystals by making them is fascinating and what a child learns this way will not be forgotten. However, craft kits are just as educational, it is just that they teach a different set of skills.

A good collection of books

educational books

Books are of course educational. You can buy books that help your kids to learn to read, write and learn about every subject under the sun. There are books out there for all age groups and even kid’s that like the PC still enjoy certain books.
Introducing your toddler to books by buying soft books is a great move. They love them and that love lasts. As they get older, they will be more inclined to pick up a book and read it.

Getting crafty

craft ideas

Art and craft related toys are another great buy. They are engaging and teach children many skills. Kids learn how to sit down and take the time to complete a project. They get to express themselves creativity and arts and crafts projects improve dexterity no end. Many parents enjoy completing the projects with their children, it is fun, but also gives parents a chance to sit down and have proper conversations with their children. This kind of educational toy is also great for improving dexterity and hand eye co-ordination.

Toys for babies

babies educational toys

Even as babies or toddlers the toys children play with affects, how they learn. Babies who are given multi sensory toys really respond to them. They love stretching out and touching bright things or things that feel different. These kinds of toys help children to become more active, this helps their physical development as well as their mental development.
As they get older, you can give them toys that are more complex.

Tech toys


Traditional toys are still important and you should definitely encourage your children to play with them, but it is also important to get your children used to using technology at a young age. Technology is very much part of the modern world, so your children have to feel comfortable using tech and the best way to ensure that they are is to get them using technology toys at an early age.

However, be careful not to leave your children staring at a screen for too much of the day. Children need to play in other ways and to get outside and get some physical exercise.

Baby Christening Gifts


Over the years, christening gifts have not changed a great deal. However, they have become far easier to buy and easier to personalise and there is now far more choice.

Timeless christening gifts that last

baby christening gifts

The most popular christening gifts are still those that are designed to last. As a result, gifts made from silver, pewter and glass are still amongst the most popular.

Engraved gifts for the new baby

Because these gifts can be engraved, they can be personalised as well as looking good and being durable. They come in all shapes and sizes, spoons and cups are still popular, but moneyboxes and certificate holders also make beautiful gifts.

Gifts for the future

silver-sixpence-christening-giftSome christening gifts are designed to be given to the child now, but some are designed for them to have when they are older. Good examples of gifts are bibles, a child’s crockery set or a wooden toy of some sort. Soft toys, spinning tops or rattles are other examples.

Giving jewellery as a christening gift

Jewellery is still the most popular form of christening gift. Most of these jewellery related gifts are designed to be worn by the child, so small bracelets are popular. However, necklaces are becoming a more popular christening gift, but these are normally given to the child when they are older and it is safe for them to wear a necklace.

engraved gifts

Places to buy christening gifts

It is still possible to buy christening gifts on the High Street. Catalogue shops sell them, however, they usually do not give you the chance to personalise their gifts and the selection they offer tends to be a little limited. You can find a slightly better selection in large department stores and jewellers and they can engrave some products.

Why buy online?

However, by far the best place to find personalised christening gifts is on the web. There you get a far bigger selection and it is easier to shop around and find them for a good price. You just need to allow a few days for delivery. If you are unable to attend the christening, yourself most firms will post the personalised gift of your choice to the home of the parents saving you time and hassle.

Tips for buying a gift for a christening

You need to buy the right gift for a christening. Here are some tips to help you to do so.

Follow the custom and traditions of the family

If you are buying a christening gift, it is important that it is appropriate. This means that you need to take into account the tastes, beliefs, ethnic background and traditions of the family.

traditional Victorian_Style_Silver_Spinning_Rattle

Make it personal

Try to personalise the gift as much as possible. It can be tempting to simply plump for a silver spoon, but a gift of an engraved photo frame with a family tree in it or a photo collage of the child’s parents and grandparents would be a much nicer gift.

Decorating a Nursery with Wall Stickers

Wall Stickers

Nursery wall stickers are a marvellous way of turning a nursery into an individualised space, a room that reflects the personality of you and your baby or toddler. These days it is easy to buy a wide array of stickers to brighten up any nursery.

An inexpensive way to really brighten up a nursery

Nursery wall stickers are relatively cheap. Painting a nursery and decorating it with wall stickers is far cheaper than decorating one or two walls with wallpaper.


Easy to achieve stunning results

In addition, they are really easy to apply. This means that even the most inept decorator can create a fantastic room. You do not need to know how to wallpaper or how to paint a mural. You can buy stickers to add patterns to the wall or to build a mural.

A super fast way to decorate a room

It is also far quicker to put stickers up than it is to decorate in any other way. You can finish off a nursery in less than an hour using stickers. If you were to do so by painting a mural or wallpapering it would take you the best part of a day, maybe even 2 days.

Easy to wipe down and keep clean

Nursery walls stickers are designed to be easy to keep clean. You can wipe them over with a damp cloth. Some can even be cleaned if your little one decides to go crazy with the crayons when they are older.

Easy to remove for redecorating

They are also designed not to peel off or be easy for little fingers to pick at. Yet when your child becomes bored of their room and develops different tastes good-quality wall stickers can be gently heated and peeled off without leaving any marks. You can then apply new stickers to create a new theme for your child’s ever changing tastes.

Where to buy nursery wall stickers

In theory, you can buy nursery wall stickers on the High Street. However, the choice you get it quite limited. You will find them in DIY stores, home decor stores and in some shops that specialise in selling items for babies, such as prams and cots.

However, by far the best selection of nursery wall stickers is to be found on-line. There you can find a choice of several hundred stickers. The best sites to buy them from are those that specialise in selling children’s wall stickers.


Customised wall stickers

Some firms are now offering people the ability to have customised wall stickers printed up. The way it works is that you send them a photograph or another kind of graphic file along with the dimensions you need. At this point, some firms will print your design onto ordinary paper and send it to you so you can check that the look is right. Once you are happy they print your design onto wall sticker material and send it to you.

This service is not particularly cheap, but it means you can potentially take any image and use it to decorate your child’s nursery.

The Importance of Isofix for Your Child

To address the issue of the fact that not all child safety seats fitted securely into all makes and models of car the ISOFIX standard or International Standards ISOFIX was set up a few years ago. Slowly ISOFIX is becoming compulsory for all new cars. Since 2002, all brand-new cars constructed or sold in the US have been required to have the system fitted as standard.


Why buy a car seat with ISOFIX fixtures

Buying a new car with ISOFIX points is becoming simpler by the day as more and more manufacturers fit them as standard. ISOFIX anchor points make safely installing a child safety seat quite a bit simpler. Making make use of ISOFIX anchor points with a compatible car seat ensures that your child’s safety seat will not come lose in the event of an accident. It functions with just about all grade one and 0 child safety seats and is a method of setting up a child seat that does not require you to use the seat belt to hold the child safety seat in place. If you own grade two or three child safety seats, you may have to make use of the

ISOFIT system instead.

ISOFIX anchor points make it nearly impossible for you to install your child’s car safety seat incorrectly. However, it is always better to be safe than sorry, so if you buy a new child car seat read the instructions before installing it. Likewise, if you buy a new car read the handbook instructions before installing your child safety seats.


Understanding the different ISOFIX classes

There are several different ISOFIX classes, in Europe there are three. Each class has limits for example which way the car seat can face, the size of seat you can install and the age, height or weight of the child that can be accommodated. Meaning that prior to shopping for a car you need to check out what kind of ISOFIX system is fitted to the car. You need a system that is compatible with your children and their current child safety seats and a system that is future proof for your kids. Consider whether the ISOFIX system fitted will accommodate your children as they grow and change child safety seats.

When installing a car seat for the first time in a car it is essential that you read the instructions provided with the child car seat and those in your vehicle’s handbook. ISOFIX anchor points are simple to make use of and it may be tempting to merely follow your intuition and install the seat without reading the directions, but if you do that, it is possible to install the seat wrongly without realizing it. Should you do so in the event of an accident your child could be seriously hurt? Taking a few minutes to read the instructions is worth it, the safety of your child is simply too important not to do so.